Hubs of Instagram

Today, two of my pictures were chosen to be shared on Instagram Hubs. A hub is a page that is moderated by one or more people who choose pictures to share on their page. They give full credit to the creators of the pictures.

Additionally, the photographers post the hub’s hashtag so that the photographs will appear in the hashtag page. Hashtagging a photo with a hub’s hashtag gives implied permission for the hub to repost the picture with credit to the original creator, of course.

I feel that it is a real honor for people to want to share my pictures. When a hub does it, I get all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s awesome.

Are you wondering how you find these hubs so they can potentially feature your pictures? There are a couple of main ways to locate hubs that I use.

  1. Go to @hubdirectory and look through their pictures. Lots of hubs list with them.
  2. Look at the hashtags that other photographers use on pictures that are similar to yours.  When you go to a hashtag’s page, Instagram suggests other similar hashtags that you will be interested in. Often, these others are also hubs.

Once you see some hubs, go to their pages and check them out. Some of them are going to be sharing pictures that are similar to yours. Usually, a hub expects to be followed before they will share your pictures, so follow them and use their hashtag. Sooner or later, they are bound to notice you and share one of your best images.

Here are the two pictures of mine that were shared by hubs this morning — such a day to be thankful!



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