Today has been filled with cooking, cleaning and visiting with friends and family. It has been deeply satisfying, though it didn’t start out that way.

Early in the day, I couldn’t help but remember how my mother in law would always offer to help and my husband would always tell her to just sit there an look pretty. This is the first Thanksgiving in 15 years that she hasn’t been at our house, at our table. We miss her something fierce. Gary and I had to prop each other up this morning as we talked about his mom.

And then, even while we miss those who have moved to their next lives, life has a way of going on for those of us still here. Our table was full of food, talk and laughter. We had a wonderful group of people together. Conversation flowed, along with lots of turkey, stuffing and all the fixings. I even made homemade cranberry sauce for the first time.

The kids soon took off from the table and had a blast playing with each other (well, most of the time — I had to pry my son’s iPad away from him a couple of times).

Before we knew it, it was already 10:00. My friends and family had been there since about 3:00. With such good company, time tends to pass very quickly.

I would have gatherings like this every day, if I could. I am so thankful for the wonderful people who are in my life.


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