Rights and Wrongs

I usually stay positive, but this is bothering me, so I’m sharing because keeping things in the dark isn’t helpful.

Yesterday, my son was interviewed by the police at school. Why? Because he was at the table in class when one of his female classmates said she wanted to kill a bunch of people at the school. The school didn’t bother to inform me or his dad that this was happening.

My son is reasonably freaked out about being interviewed by the police and afraid of what’s going to happen in school today.

Just a few minutes ago, I got an email from the school indicating that they’d had a lock down drill. In the 60s and 70s, we had cold war drills where we had to hide under our desks because of possible nuclear attack. Today, they have lock down drills because of lunatics.

They don’t bother to inform students ahead of time with these drills. I’m pretty sure that my 13 year old son is now even more freaked out.

And I’m very concerned about what kind of push back my kid is going to get because of the school’s actions yesterday. So is he.

Way to go, public school, way to go.

I have emailed the school twice about their failure to notify me when my son was being interviewed. He wasn’t the only one interviewed, but the other kids’ parents were notified. At least they did that. However, the school hasn’t yet gotten back to me.

To say I am concerned is an understatement. Are they even allowed to interview an underage child without having a parent’s permission? I mean, my son didn’t do anything wrong and they were using him as a witness, but is that even okay? What are my son’s rights and what are my rights as a parent?

What would you do?

p.s. Aside from the rights issue, we also get to worry about what might happen if the angry 8th grade girl has a gun.


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