Unanswerable Question

Yesterday, I found out that my youngest sister had invited her abuser (I refuse to call him her husband) back into her life. Not just back into her life, but into my parents’ home, against their wishes.

They had asked her to ask him to leave several times, but he wasn’t going anywhere.

Finally, mom reached the end of her rope and called me to vent. Well, she may have gotten a little more than she expected.

You see, I’ve been in an abusive relationship and when I finally escaped, there was no way in God’s green earth that I was going back. Yet, my sister has escaped several times, but keeps heading back and back and back again. And now she’s invited this demon into our parents’ home.

And every time she goes back, the abuse gets worse.

I told my mother that if he wasn’t gone by last night, I personally would be calling the police to have him arrested this morning. My parents took me seriously and passed the message along.

He packed up his stuff as soon as he heard that cops would be getting involved. You see, you can bet the man has drugs and possibly guns in his van. And who even knows what kind of record that devil’s minion has?

One problem on the way to being solved.

Then my beloved sister drops the bomb. She’s going with him to wherever he may be headed. Rather than staying at our parents’ home where she can heal, and where she should be getting some heavy-duty counseling, she’s back on the road with the monster.

As a family, we stick together and are always there for each other. All five of us love each other; and like each other too. But, there is a cancer in our midst in the form of my sister’s abuser. He needs to be cut out, but there’s not a thing we can do while she refuses to help herself.

We’re here. Or there if she needs us. We just keep praying that death isn’t the only way she’ll escape.


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