Competition Anxiety

Having two children who compete can come with some anxiety (sometimes a lot of anxiety) on their parts. And let’s not even mention daddy’s and mommy’s nerves.

My daughter tends to get stage fright a lot more before her performances than my son does before his competitions. As a matter of fact, the only time I’ve seen my son nervous was before his first professional fight a couple of weeks ago.

Anxiety, or stage fright, can be a killer unless they learn to deal with the fear.

So, as soon as my son came to me and told me he was nervous about his upcoming fight, I contacted Professor Vellore, and asked if he would meet with Cameron. Professor has tons of one-on-one, spotlighted competition experience. He was kind enough to meet with my boy and talk him through his anxiety, which really helped. We are seriously blessed to have Professor V in our lives.

My kids and I tend to talk through their nervousness. I have to dig deep to give advice which usually consists of telling my daughter how some of the most famous and fabulous performers ever had to get past their own stage fright, but once they were on stage, they channeled the fear which helped made their performances even better.

I simply don’t have the experience that my kids do. I never competed in any sports really; certainly none where it was just me and only me out there with an audience. The closest I’ve ever come is a few tennis matches, but no one was watching.

I do try my best to support my children through this fear, but I have not got a lot of patience for letting fear stop them. Maybe it’s because I’ve let fear stop me and still regret the times that happened. I don’t want my children to have those regrets.

I think that all a young dancer needs to hear from her parents is what a great job she did. Leave it to the teachers and coaches that you hired to help the kids correct any technicalities. Instead, enjoy what they are doing and give them your full support.


I think the same applies to young competitors in any sport. Unless you are an expert in their sport, the coaching should be left to their coaches and parents should be their safe ports in a storm, so to speak.

Do you have children who compete? What do you do?


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