On Being Late

I just read the best post on Forbes about being late.

I used to be guilty of being late all the time. Then I had my daughter who absolutely freaks out if she’s 2 minutes late for anything. She changed my habits and frankly, it made me realize just how rude I used to be. I have been very careful of time for years now and haven’t been late to anything if the circumstances were under my control.

I’ve had to make what some might consider to be difficult choices to be on time. As a matter of fact, I have started to leave my husband to come on his own to certain events because he always makes us late to those, though he’s very careful to be on time for work events or car shows, or anything that he schedules.

I even turned down business opportunities when the people offering them either showed up late or didn’t respect other’s time. I’ve had people not show up for conference calls on time and lose good business opportunities because of that.

Now, I’m almost too punctual, but I’m ok with that. I’d rather be early than late. I’d rather call in ahead, than be the last person on the line. I don’t want anyone waiting on me. If I’ve arranged to see you, it’s because I think highly of you and I’ll show you that respect by being there when I say I will be there.

I’ve been “that person” in the past and been late or not shown up at all to many, many things. Being that way is one of my regrets in life. Thank goodness we can change those bad habits.

Here’s a link to the Forbes article I mentioned above. Pardon the painfully long time that it takes to load:




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