2012 Road Trip

Judy, I intended this blog and the next one to be for you. I had no idea what this road trip meant to Ellen until you shared with me when we spoke. I am honored and humbled that this was one of her favorite things. So, I thought you might like to see pictures of the trip and of course, I take so many that I don’t think they can all be contained in one blog. I thought I had all the pictures easily accessible, but at this point, I can only find a few of the pictures that I took.

It was very rainy when we departed on our first road trip in June of 2012. As we drove across the plains of eastern Colorado, we didn’t stop at the World’s Wonder View Tower as there was no view to be seen. That stop waited for our return trip. We did, however, stop at the gorgeous carousel in Burlington, Colorado. This carousel was first built for Elitch Gardens in Denver and the animals didn’t move up and down, as the mechanism for that hadn’t been invented for carousels yet.

We stopped for lunch at the Cozy Inn in Salina, Kansas. They make one thing and one thing only – sliders with grilled onions. And boy, oh boy, do they make it well. This was a find from the book, “500 Things to Eat Before It’s too Late.”

That night, we stayed in Topeka, Kansas, which was about an 8 hour drive from home. In Topeka, we visited their fantastic Children’s Museum which had just opened that month, their fun zoo and played in the park outside the zoo. The zoo had this giant bat hanging in its conservatory. Quite fascinating!

After Topeka, we spent a couple of days in St. Louis. From St. Louis, we went to Memphis. Then, we traveled to Nashville. We stopped in Knoxville next. Then it was on to my parent’s house where Ellen spent a few days before she flew up to see her daughter.

And I’ve been searching and searching for the rest of my pictures from that first road trip we took, the one we took with Ellen.

I can picture the photos I took with her and the kids, but I can’t find them anywhere. I have resurrected my old phone to see if they are on it. And I’ve looked in the cloud, but it doesn’t have any photos that old. It seems as if the cloud kicks off the oldest photos in favor of the newest. I am not loving that. Yes, some of us crazy photographer types do have more than 1,000 photos — especially when taken over the course of years.

I am heartbroken about this. These are irreplaceable pictures. These few pictures at the carousel are the only ones I seem to have anymore from that road trip. I don’t understand how the rest of them disappeared.

As I write, I can think of a couple more places to look – an old laptop and an old backup drive. I’m going to publish this blog tonight and continue to search for my other photos from that first 2012 road trip. Wish me luck!




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