Joy Through the Eyes of a Child

I think I enjoyed the Wee Nut’s birthday almost as much as she did.

She had an early doctor’s appointment for her yearly checkup, so the two of us went to the Pancake House for breakfast after we dropped Cam off to school.  They brought her a surprise jelly crepe and sang her Happy Birthday!

Such a happy girl!

At her doctor’s appointment, she found out that all her vaccinations were up to date, so she didn’t need any shots. That was happy news.

Then, the doctor got her in so quickly, that she barely missed an hour of school – oh, joyful morning! The Wee Nut carefully decided that she wouldn’t wear her birthday tiara to school. Sometimes, things like that can get broken or cause other children to be distracted.

When I came to pick her up, that tiara went right back on her head and it was off to dance. Everyone at dance wished her a happy birthday. My baby was grinning from ear to ear.

During her dinner break, I brought her home to eat her very favorite lamb kabobs and to have cake!!

Then we went back to turns class, put her hair in a gorgeous bun with the tiara stuck in really well and got to watch a turns performance. It was a joy to watch and so much fun!


By the time we got home and it was bathtime, she wanted to stay awake and in her special tiara. My wee princess told me she didn’t want the day to end. And who could blame her?

Finally, she asked me to help take out the tiara and take down her hair. Daddy told her one of his marvelous stories as the perfect ending to a wonderful day. She’s off to dreamland. What a great 9th birthday she had. I’m so happy for my baby girl.



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